Monday, July 13, 2015

Another special guest... 

Sophie Milam
We are blessed to have Sophie Milam come and share with us her adventures on Mars!

You heard me right...

Sophie just finished an 8 month stint as Chief Engineer on the third HI-SEAS Mission (Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation) - a project funded by the NASA Human Research Program that simulates a long-duration Mars mission here on Earth. She's closer to Mars than anyone else you know….and she's coming to share with us her experiences and challenges on her mission!

Sophie was just named by Forbes magazine in its 2015 “30 Under 30 in Science.” Sophie recently graduated with a mechanical engineering master’s degree from University of Idaho. But she wanted to take time to prepare for our next major space program objective -- the planet Mars!

Along with five other crew members (three male, two female) and two reserves, Sophie was selected from hundreds of international applicants to participate in HI-SEAS Mission 3. Mission 3, the longest to date, began Oct. 15, 2014 and lasted for a total of 273 days, ending on June 15, 2015, which coincidentally is Sophie's birthday.

“I have always wanted to be an astronaut,” Sophie said. “When I was 2, my mom took me to see the Space Shuttle as it piggy-backed on top of a modified Boeing 747. Ever since, my life’s goals have been focused on space.”

Sophie will be coming to share her experience this Wednesday, July 15 at 10 am.
Come meet someone who may very well be on the first mission to Mars!
(you can tell people later that you know a space legend)

You can read more of Sophie's adventure on her Wordpress site -

Come meet one of the next generation of astronauts!

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