Monday, August 3, 2015


We did it....well, YOU did!
We are going to space on August 14th!

Our code was run against the other teams in Idaho and out of the 8 games we played against Meridian and Coeur d'Alene, we won 7! Our top score was....well, let's keep that confidential for any other teams out there scoping to learn how to beat us in the final competition!

Let's just say to those future can't hear yourself scream in space!

Today (Monday) we will take the day off and reassess our next move. If you guys wish to get together the next two days and enhance our code, let's do it.
If you chose to take the next two days off, that's OK too. Just let me know by the afternoon so we can make a decision.

I WILL GET EVERYONE INFO ON THE FINAL COMPETITION DAY (August 14) AS SOON AS I KNOW MORE. NASA will provide the time of the event later.

We will meet at 9 AM, as usual, at North Idaho STEM Charter - go over the simulations and results; fill out an exit survey (MIT requests this from all participants), then head over to Spokane for the day.

We will visit the planetarium but also eat lunch over in Spokane.
We'll go to McDucks, Arby's, Burger King or where ever you wish for lunch. And get ready for the master capture the flag competition of your lifetime!!!


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